What Is Barbiecore? The 2023 Trend Is Turning The World Pink

What Is Barbiecore? The 2023 Trend Is Turning The World Pink

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If you feel like your vision has gone pink recently, you’re not alone. Being a Barbie girl has never been easier, or hotter—hot pink is everywhere, on everyone, and of course, Barbie has something to do with it. The rise in vibrant pink on red carpets, in stores and on your Instagram feed is officially being referred to as Barbiecore. What is Barbiecore? Come on Barbie, let’s go party, I’ll tell ya.

If you were a Barbie fan back in your youth (like I was), you’ll know that Barbie had virtually every job possible. She’d ride in her hot pink convertible to her job as a vet, frost perfect cupcakes as a pastry chef, pirouette on stage as a ballerina and take a quick trip to outer space as an astronaut. With such an impressive resume, it should come as no surprise that she has orchestrated her big comeback with the most notable figures in the film and fashion industries.

Chances are, you’ve seen plenty of pictures of Ryan Gosling with bleach blonde hair for his upcoming role as Ken. If you have, you’ll know that the highly anticipated Barbie movie is set to hit theaters in 2023. The film is being directed by Greta Gerwig, stars Margot Robbie as Barbie and is taking the character out of the toy box and into the real world.

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Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken. Getty Images.

Well, almost the real world. The return of Barbiecore rose in popularity in the fashion industry first. Fashion runways and red carpets have had an influx of hot pink. Last season, Valentino had an entirely hot pink runway show with 22 complete looks in the Barbie-approved shade. Since the vibrant fashion show, the looks have shown up at the Grammy Awards, Coachella and pretty much every event with a professional photographer.

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Valentino; iMaxTree.

Name your favorite celebrity. I’m serious, throw a name one out! There’s an excellent chance that they’ve worn Valentino’s Barbie pink in the last few months. Gigi Hadid, Florence Pugh, Conan Gray, Billy Porter, Anne Hathaway and Dua Lipa are amongst the fleet of celebrities embracing the high-fashion bimbo aesthetic.

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Getty Images.

So what makes a modern-day Barbie? I’ll break it down for you.

  1. They love hot pink. Hotter pink. HOTTEST pink. Duh.

  2. They have an eagerness to try new things (despite only wearing hot pink). They hike the trail they’ve been saving pictures of, they ask the cutie out on their morning commute and they take themselves out for a fancy solo dinner.

  3. They apply lip gloss mid-presentation at work and then nail the follow-up questions.

  4. They’re a free the nipple advocate (inspired by Florence Pugh).

  5. They delete every picture of their ex off their phone. Yes, all of them.

  6. They sit on the side of the table with good lighting and then ask their date to take a picture of them sipping an espresso martini and immediately post it.

  7. They apply a six-step skincare routine on a two-hour flight.

  8. They regularly update a detailed five-year plan.

  9. They successfully convinced the Ken in their life to get a therapist.

  10. They suggest karaoke every time they go out.

And above all, Barbiecore is all about confidence! Wearing a full hot pink outfit is a great way to show the world that you’re bold, fashionable and just as hot as the color you’re wearing. Keep reading for every piece you need to get started.

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Courtesy of Lovers & Friends.

Capri Mini Dress

Bring Barbie’s fun energy to your next special occasion by wearing this fabulous halter mini dress.

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Courtesy of NBD.

Niko Blazer

As previously mentioned, Barbie is multi-faceted which means that Barbiecore works just as well at the office. I love the wide belt on this pink blazer.


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Courtesy of Monserrat.

The Paros Sunglasses

Whether you’re on the beach or driving with the top down, add a pop of Barbie pink to any outfit with this pair of bright shades.
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Courtesy of Dr. Scholls.

Pisces Max Platform Slide Sandal

This pair of platforms look like they were literally made for Barbie but they’ll look even better on you. They’ll go with hot pink just as well as they’ll go with a neutral outfit.

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Courtesy of ASTR The Label.

Medford Cowl Neck Satin Mini Dress

LBD who? Swap out your go-to going-out look for this pink satin mini dress instead. Just remember that it’s your job to suggest karaoke at the end of the night.

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Courtesy of Paradised.

Cleo Cotton-Poplin Playsuit

This bright pink one-piece playsuit is the perfect fall transition piece. Pair it with boots or loafers and tie a sweater over your shoulders for a preppy Barbie look.

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Jimmy Choo Aveline 100 Sandals

This pair of Jimmy Choo bow heels are wildly popular in the white color way for wedding festivities but the hot pink is incredible for any non-bridal activity.

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Courtesy of Jacquemus.

Le Baneto Bag

If you’re already obsessed with hot pink, this is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the trend with a statement bag. This Jacquemus option can be worn as a clutch or crossbody and it’s on sale.

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Courtesy of Impala.

Impala Rollerskates

If you’ve already mastered the hot pink look, turn things up a notch with this pair of metallic rollerskates. You’ll be turning heads as you ride by!

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Courtesy of Lorna Jane.

Be Active Eco No Ride Ankle Biter Leggings

Come on Barbie, let’s go to pilates, a spin class or a hot girl walk around the block. The brighter the workout set, the better.

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Courtesy of Rumours.

Saratoga Springs Maxi

For a softer take on the Barbie trend, opt for a sweet pink floral print. This maxi dress feels buttery soft on your skin (I can confirm since I have it) and can be played up with hot pink accessories.

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Courtesy of Triangl.

Mala Swimsuit

A pool party or a beach day is the perfect place to activate Barbiecore—the hotter the temps, the hotter the pink. This swimsuit from Triangl is cute and supportive with underwire cups.

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Courtesy of & Other Stories.

Collared Cable Knit Sweater

Tie this hot pink sweater over your shoulders for a preppy look and then rock it with jeans come fall.

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