Weekly News Update

a white square with text "weekly news update," surrounded by a border of frost

a white square with text "weekly news update," surrounded by a border of frost
  • The New York Times shared that the nap dress is now available … in bridal styles.
  • The Wall Street Journal looked at the impact of TikTok’s dramatic “Bold Glamour” filter.
  • The Wall Street Journal also gave advice on how to make your resume stand out and pointed out “job-search killers” to avoid.
  • Above the Law explained why summer associate programs exist and detailed firms’ different approaches.
  • WIRED noted that a “morning-after pill” for STIs — specifically, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis — is almost here.
  • NPR shared why some people get repeated UTIs.
  • NBC News shared how to benefit from Facebook’s $725 million settlement in a privacy suit. File a claim at FacebookUserPrivacySettlement.com.
  • BuzzFeed shared a flight attendant’s TikTok that lists ways to stay safe in a hotel room.
  • Your Laugh of the Week comes from The New Yorker, with “Who Goes First at a Four-Way Stop?”

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