Weekly News Update

a white square with text "weekly news update," surrounded by a pink border

a white square with text "weekly news update," surrounded by a pink border
  • An Allure editor shared her experiences with AviClear laser treatments for her hormonal and cystic acne.
  • The Wall Street Journal looked at how some airlines are relaxing their flight attendant dress codes, “letting any attendant choose dresses, suits, or high heels.”
  • The Wall Street Journal also published an op-ed about encouraging MBA students to consider fields beyond the usual suspects.
  • Harvard Business Review advised how to work with a workaholic colleague.
  • The Associated Press reported that for the first time in history, the four leaders of the two congressional spending committees are women.
  • The New York Times explained how women have been misled about dealing with menopause.
  • SELF gave tips on keeping friendships strong even when life is hectic.
  • The Cut looked at The Laundress’ recent issues with contaminated products, class-action lawsuits, and more (and how some users are still loyal to the brand).
  • Your Laugh of the Week comes from The New Yorker, with “Everything Coming to and Leaving Your Favorite Streaming Service This Month.”

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