The Best Reversible Workwear for Your Next Business Trip

woman wears black dress with square neck; she is leaning on a white fence overlooking the shore with sand and waves

woman wears black dress with square neck; she is leaning on a white fence overlooking the shore with sand and waves

I’ve noticed an interesting trend lately: reversible workwear! Reversible workwear can be great for your next business trip, if you’re trying to maintain a minimal wardrobe, or if you’re just one of those people who is often surprised to find that the outfit you planned on wearing is marred by a laundry stain you just didn’t see when you took it off. (Hey, it happens!) These are some of the brands and stores where I’m seeing it…

Readers, what are your thoughts on reversible workwear? Are you seeing it with other stores or brands? Do you have any pieces (past or present) where you love that you can reverse the clothes to get two work outfits for the price of one?

What Does Reversible Clothing Mean?

There are actually two main ways that I’m seeing “reversible” being used to describe workwear. The first way is that you can turn the garment inside out and have a wearable, second option — for example, your black dress is now a gray dress.

(OR, for those few of you who may be familiar with the 80s movie “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” the way that Helen Hunt’s character was able to reverse her plaid Catholic uniform skirt and instead wear a cool, sequined miniskirt that Sarah Jessica Parker was totally jealous of. I haven’t seen the movie in years, but here’s an AV Club review of it in 2016.)

The second thing “reversible” can mean is that you can take the same piece of clothing and flip it around, effectively wearing it backwards. For example, your scoop neck black dress can be flipped around so that you have a black dress with a crew neck (and a scoop back).

(There is a related category worth noting here, if only to distinguish it from what we’re talking about: convertible clothing, which I generally think of as requiring some effort on your part, such as tying the dress or sweater in a different way, buttoning or unbuttoning some hidden feature. These clothes are clever but often a bit too clever for me, for what it’s worth — getting every iteration to look as great as the model does is often a bit difficult.)

The Best Reversible Workwear for Your Next Business Trip


white blouse for work with deep V in the back; it is reversible

We covered Vetta in one of our spotlights on indie workwear brands — their online shop is now closed but you can still buy their “archive pieces.” Almost all of their clothes are reversible in that they can be worn backwards and forwards, although some are also convertible.

Because their stock is down to lucky sizes, almost everything is marked down to around $19-$125.


woman wears black dress with square neck; she is leaning on a white fence overlooking the shore with sand and waves

Another smaller brand doing reversible workwear is Aday – their “work trip reversible dress” offers a square neck on one side, and a scoop neck option on the other.”

The dress is $195, available in sizes 0-18.


Eco-friendly brand Wool& offers a few different reversible options — I’ve pictured the Brooklyn Wrap Dress, above, which can be flipped to wear backwards so it has a V-neck/faux wrap look.

The dress is $138, available in regular and long lengths, sizes XS-3X.

Diane von Furstenberg

woman wears long sleeve mesh dress with an "abstract-artistry" print; it reverses to a flowery print

I feel like we’ve featured DvF’s reversible clothes before, and I have to say it’s so great that a brand known for its bold prints is doing reversible clothes. For example, this dress features an “abstract artistry” print on the front, and if you turn the dress inside out you’ll also find a bold pink flowery pattern.

Part of me wishes they would do one side with a bold print and one side with a more basic, boring one, but I suppose that isn’t what you’re buying DvF for.

The pictured dress is $458 at Nordstrom, available in sizes XS-XL; you can also find it at DVF.com and (a few pieces) on Amazon.

Lafayette 148 New York

plus-sized professional woman wears light blue turtleneck and light blue hip-length cardigan jacket; the jacket has gray lapels because it reverses to gray.

Lafayette 148 New York is another brand that has some great options for reversible workwear, in regular and plus sizes. Most of their offerings are coats, but they do have some jackets you can wear to work, like the pictured option.

The Rowena reversible double face jacket is a dusky blue on one side, and a light gray on the other; it’s also down to lucky sizes at Nordstrom for $1048. (Both sides have pockets!)

In addition to Nordstrom, you can also find reversible pieces at Lafayette148NewYork.com and Amazon.


woman wears sheath dress with small gray plaid print on the front

Akris has a surprising number of reversible clothes, including jackets and sheath dresses. For example, the pictured “double-face wool-blend sheath” features a prince de galles plaid on one side, and a bold check on the reverse.

I love it, and apparently so do others — the dress is down to lucky sizes. (It’s $2390, at Nordstrom.)

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