Shirtdress: The Easy Way to Look Effortlessly Chic

This month, I’ve shared a lot about the upcoming fall fashion trends, and one of the trends was the shirtdress. Today, I’m styling a shirtdress from Nordstrom that’s effortlessly chic. It’s an Eliza J. Dress, a favorite brand of mine for dresses.

The dress is a polo-inspired dress with faux leather trim.

This versatile dress can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for any occasion. From work to weekend, a shirtdress is the perfect go-to outfit.

I styled the dress with these heels in the natural color. I also added gold drop earringsfrom Amazon.

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Beauty For the Heart™Do not listen to your false prophets, fortune-tellers, interpreters of dreams, mediums, and sorcerers who say, “The king of Babylon will not conquer you.” Jeremiah 27:9

Truth: In this verse, Jeremiah tells the Israelites not to listen to the false prophets, mediums, etc. Jeremiah wanted them to listen to the one true God.

If we’re honest, we can be like the children of Israel. We may not seek a medium, but we let the news and social media influence our thoughts, and we can quickly become anxious.

When you feel anxious, turn off the television and even shut off social media. Turn on some praise music, read scripture, and be reminded of the promises of God. The more we dwell on God’s faithfulness, the less we’ll focus on all the negative things in our world.

What voices are you listening to?

Deeper Study: Read Jeremiah 27:1-22

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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