Reviewers Are Obsessed With This Electric Trimmer That Left ‘No Cuts, Burns or Itch’ Behind on Their Body—Use This Sale Code

Reviewers Are Obsessed With This Electric Trimmer That Left ‘No Cuts, Burns or Itch’ Behind on Their Body—Use This Sale Code

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As much as I’m not quite ready to admit it, bikini season is right around the corner. If you haven’t done any swimwear shopping yet, we’ve got you covered on all sorts of styles, be it butt-lifting bottoms or supportive tops. The same goes for all your bodily hair removal needs, especially if you’re trying to steer clear of waxing. 

Meridian’s electric trimmer has everything you could possibly need in a staple body care product; an easy-to-use design and high ratings from people who’ve already tried it. The brand carries a few different bundles, from a starter kit equipped with the electric trimmer and an extra razor to more extensive maintenance packages. You can also shop the Trimmer Plus, which boasts additional features its predecessor does not, such as an LED guide light for help on hard-to-reach areas. Either way, both trimmers can be used wet or dry, so if you’re a shower shaver, look no further.

Meridian Trimmer


Meridian The Trimmer

All the brand’s products are designed to suit a range of needs and variety of folks, no matter gender, hair type (from fine to coarse to curly) or grooming preferences. Its premium trimming tech includes precision ceramic blades, a waterproof design and no-nick guards for the ultimate shaving experience, from your toes to your face (and everywhere in between.) Perhaps best of all, you’ll walk away without fear of ingrown hairs appearing on your sensitive skin each time.

The trimmer at its core design can be used on the underarms, legs, genitals, beards, you name it. Per the brand, it also guarantees an unbelievably close shave that rivals any razor from your past. 

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One reviewer referred to the trimmer as a “magic stick” after seeing effective results that no other product could achieve, while another called it the “safest razor they’ve ever used on their private parts” after experiencing “no cuts, no burns, no itch.” 

“I’m one of those people that was nicked once by a razor down there and am forever terrified of any blades doing anything for me down there. Thank GOD for this trimmer! I’ll be honest I was scared at first, but it trimmed hair away like butter,” another fan wrote. “Do yourself a favor and get it, try it out first on your arms or legs, and use it to your heart’s content!”

Secure your own Meridian Trimmer for the summertime; use code GET10OFF for a 10 percent discount.

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