P1Harmony Share Their Favorite Fan Memes & The ‘Hard’ Songs They Listen To On Tour—Including Ice Spice & Rosalía

P1Harmony Share Their Favorite Fan Memes & The ‘Hard’ Songs They Listen To On Tour—Including Ice Spice & Rosalía

Legends in the making. P1Harmony definitely has the secret sauce. The six-piece K-Pop group consisting of Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul and Jongseob, embarked on the U.S. leg of their second world tour P1ustage H: P1ONEER on January 20, 2023. Though they debuted in the midst of the COVID pandemic in 2020 with FNC Entertainment, they’ve become veterans in performing across the globe and they’re doing it with ease, too.

At their show at Terminal 5 in New York City, the venue was booming with adoring love for the members. The members performed non-stop throughout the first portion of the show with hits from their latest EP HARMONY: SET IN like “Look At Me Now” and “Back Down.” They seamlessly transitioned from being a cohesive team with the impassioned and forceful “Black Hole” (a favorite of Keeho, Theo and Intak) to splitting up in their respective solo and unit stages. Theo kicked it off with his cover of “21” by Dean by sitting slickly on a staircase and Soul switched gears up when he sang the emotive “Hug Me” by Jung Joon-Il. Keeho stunned the entire venue with his impressive vocal runs when covering “Deja Vu” by Beyoncé and the latter two boys joined Jiung in an explosive cover of “Love Never Felt So Good” by Michael Jackson. Shortly after, Intak and Jongseob swept the stage with their cool and ferocious raps and dances in their unit stage.

P1Harmony Nashville 2023 6 P1Harmony Share Their Favorite Fan Memes & The ‘Hard Songs They Listen To On Tour—Including Ice Spice & Rosalía

Credit: Tiffany Simms (IG: @tiffotograph).

The group reconvened and hypnotic beats continued non-stop with “Mirror Mirror” and “Nemonade.” They confessed that they put on a special performance for a fan favorite “Secret Sauce” and boy, did they show that formula to success. Fan interactions were the key to their performance and at any given moment— they constantly expressed their gratitude to their fans. The rapturous energy kept on bouncing back and forth from their fans (affectionately known as P1ece) and the boys on stage. In between sets, the boys applauded New York’s audience, calling them the best city that sang along with them and Keeho conducted the crowd to sing the obvious classic “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. In the end, P1Harmony promised to come back to New York with fans erupting with cheers to welcome them back into the city with open arms.

Sitting in a green room in the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, the boys were refreshed by visiting Music City, USA. We chatted with P1Harmony via Zoom, with leader Keeho being the translator, about what they love about touring and the songs that they’re currently listening to now.

Seeing that the group performed in the States multiple times, how has your confidence boosted since the last tour and over the course of this tour?

Intak: We’re coming to the end of our second tour. I feel like I’ve gotten so used to being able to interact with fans on stage, have fun with them, and move and flow easily with performances. I’m just very excited for what’s to come next on our next tour even because it feels like from here, we’re going to continuously improve and interact with fans more with a bigger audience with more people. We’re very excited for the future.

Jongseob: When we first started this tour, I felt a little more nervous and less confident compared to our last tour. I felt a little less confident because we were preparing for this tour within a very tight time limit. So we had to learn things very, very quickly. I was working on the unit performance with Intak the day of the performance and we were still figuring out what to do. In the beginning, I felt like I wasn’t as competent since the last tour. But as the tour went on, as we did more shows, I definitely feel a lot more confident now than I have ever been and we’re constantly improving.

P1Harmony Nashville 2023 259 P1Harmony Share Their Favorite Fan Memes & The ‘Hard Songs They Listen To On Tour—Including Ice Spice & Rosalía

Credit: Tiffany Simms (IG: @tiffotograph).

In a portion of the concert, you split off for your solo and unit stages and each one of them is beyond incredible. What does it feel like to shine in your own talent and have the members support you in that sense?

Keeho: We take a lot of pride and do so much practice. We put a lot of effort into our unit and solo stages because those are the only times where we get to show our individual colors, talents and strengths. It’s a really fun part of our show because we get to show what we like and what we can do. When we just do P1Harmony stages, our biggest goal is to show P1Harmony. When we take time to do these unit and solo stages, it’s more about who Keeho is, who Intak Is, who Jongseob is, who Theo is, who Jiung is, who Soul is, and showing off who we are individually. These individual characteristics come together and create P1Harmony. I feel like our fans really find it fun to see and we enjoy doing solo and unit stages.

During the show, you interact a lot with the crowd and are super talkative, how does showing love and appreciation to P1ece help engage your performances?

Jiung: The reason why we’re able to perform and why we’re on stage is because there are fans that are waiting for us and supporting us. And for that, we’re just so thankful. There’s just that gratefulness that continuously makes us want to communicate and talk to and interact with our fans more during our shows. And it feels like that momentum where we get to communicate, they also communicate back and we’re able to give and receive energy. It’s what creates this huge momentum for the performances as well. It keeps the energy up throughout the whole entire show.

P1Harmony Nashville 2023 264 P1Harmony Share Their Favorite Fan Memes & The ‘Hard Songs They Listen To On Tour—Including Ice Spice & Rosalía

Credit: Tiffany Simms (IG: @tiffotograph).

Your fandom, P1ece has a very iconic presence online. Do you have favorite memes of yourselves?

Jongseob: There’s a GIF of Theo laying in a chair that fans use a lot which I like a lot.

Theo: There’s two that I really like. One is a GIF where Keeho looks to the left and to the camera and his face changes like a fish. I also have a personal one that’s a GIF where I look into the camera and then my face changes into a Minecraft sheep because everyone says I look like a Minecraft sheep. 

Keeho: There’s this one video that our international and Korean fans love. It’s me and Intak saying something moving and then I go “Nicki Minaj, Justin!” and start singing “Beauty and a Beat” and it’s so funny.

Were there any fun things you guys did during your free time?

Jiung: When I first get to a new city, I just walk around. I go to landmarks and sometimes get my nails done or I hike.

Keeho: I think it’s important to get used to the city and get to know the city. We love to get familiar with it because we don’t know when we’ll come back. So, we’d like to use our time to appreciate the city. Theo really likes to go out too. He’s always like “What should we do?” He went to a cat cafe yesterday with Soul and Jiung, and they went vintage shopping. 

Jiung: Last night, I tried Nashville Fried Chicken for the first time. But I chose the mild option and it wasn’t hot and I was kind of sad. 

Keeho: Jongsoeb, Intak and I went to the Parthenon. I got cowboy boots because we’re in Nashville and you have to get cowboy boots. We also love New York. It’s like our second home. Last time we went to New York, we spent a couple of days riding our bikes everywhere like a real New Yorker. We brought the bikes across the Brooklyn Bridge and that was very tough. My thighs were killing me. We definitely love to learn, appreciate and get to know the city when we have time. 

P1Harmony Nashville 2023 425 P1Harmony Share Their Favorite Fan Memes & The ‘Hard Songs They Listen To On Tour—Including Ice Spice & Rosalía

Credit: Tiffany Simms (IG: @tiffotograph).

What songs do you listen to during the tour?

Keeho: “Phresh Out The Runway” by Rihanna. “Soako” by Rosalía. You know to keep it a little cool, “Forgiveless” and “Snooze” by SZA and “Body” by Summer Walker. Also, Ice Spice. I’m a munch (the name of Ice Spice’s fans). I love “Bikini Bottom” and “Boys A Liar pt. 2” by PinkPantheress ft. Ice Spice.

Jiung: I’m into Michael Buble. “Love You Anymore” by Michael Buble and The Black Album by Jay-Z.

Intak: “Airplane Thoughts” by dhruv. Whenever I’m on a plane, I listen to this. I also like to listen to Pusha T’s new album a lot and Lil Uzi Vert’s “Homecoming.” That song is crazy.

Keeho: These are hard music recommendations.

Jongseob: “Two Tens” by Cordae and Anderson .Paak. “La Fama” by Rosalía and The Weeknd and “Open Our Eyes” by Earth, Wind & Fire.

Soul: “Easy” by The Game and Kanye West.

P1Harmony’s Tour Playlist


  • “Phresh Out The Runway” by Rihanna
  • “Saoko” by Rosalia
  • “Forgiveless (feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard)” by SZA
  • “Snooze” by SZA
  • “Body” by Summer Walker
  • “Bikini Bottom” by Ice Spice
  • “Boys a liar (pt. 2)” by PinkPantheress and Ice Spice
  • “Love You Anymore” by Michael Buble
  • The Black Album by Jay-Z
  • “Homecoming” by Lil Uzi Vert
  • “airplane thoughts” by dhruv
  • It’s Almost Dry by Pusha T
  • “Two Tens (feat. Anderson .Paak)” by Cordae
  • “La Fama” by Rosalia and the Weeknd
  • “Open Our Eyes” Earth Wind & Fire
  • “Easy” by The Game and Kanye West

HARMONY: SET IN by P1Harmony

P1Harmony Set In

Courtesy of: FNC Entertainment

Buy: ‘HARMONY: SET IN’ by P1Harmony $20.99

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