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How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

When most people picture a wedding dress, what comes to mind is a long, flowing gown, white in color. You cannot be blamed because even in most movies and fairy tales, the bride comes in a long, flowing, white dress. However, should this be the typical wedding dress style for everyone? No. The modern trends in the wedding dress styles are fast changing, and brides are demanding more personalized wedding gowns.

As a bride, it is possible to keep up with the latest fashion trends and still get the dream gown that perfectly suits you. The trick is in finding the perfect wedding dress for your body type. The most common body types are an hourglass, straight, petite, and the A shape. Below is a guideline on your wedding gown shopping.


Best Wedding Dress Style For Pear-Shaped Body Types

For the pear-shaped brides-to-be, go for a dress that will highlight the narrowness of your waistline and gradually flow out in an A formation. A spaghetti-strap bodice with a V neckline will embrace the slender upper body.

Tips: The A-line is good for a formal wedding setup while the look can also be dressed down using a more casual fabric. If you are pear-shaped, you can choose to emphasize on your slender upper body by selecting a close-fitting bodice with a V neckline, or you can add a little volume to your bodice to bring balance between your upper and lower body.

Spaghetti Straps V Neck Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress

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Best Wedding Dress Styles For Hourglass Body Types

The hourglass body type has many options when it comes to wedding gown shopping. Embrace your curves and choose a gown that brings out your body shape in the best way possible. For example, how about wearing a long-sleeved top and a long flowing skirt look? This look should just give a hint of the narrowest part of your body (your waist). A fitting mermaid dress that is strapless can also help you showcase your curves on your dream day.

Tips: If you have curves, flaunt them. A V neckline will also do the trick. The mermaid consists of a figure-hugging dress that follows the outline of your body all the way to your hips and thighs. It then flares out under the hips. Avoid the mermaid dress if you don’t want something tight since this dress can be very constricting. When looking for a gown that you can easily move in, then you can choose a trumpet style. You can also try a dress with a drop waist to emphasize on your slender midsection.

Backless Beach Wedding Gown Lace Mermaid Bride Dress

A beautiful mermaid (or trumpet) style wedding dress. Get This Dress Here

Best Wedding Dress Styles For The Petite Body Types

If you are petite, then you are the lucky one! The small body type also comes with numerous options in wedding gowns. Showcase your slenderness by rocking the trendy crop top and a long flowing skirt. You can also choose to wear a gown with a padded bodice to add volume to your upper body. With this look, you can also get away with a short, knee-length, A-line dress. A column dress (or sheath) will add length to your slim shape.

Tips: If you are petite, avoid ankle-length dresses that show your feet because they will create the impression that you have short legs. Keep off the ballroom gowns too; you can get lost in them!

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A short knee-length dress ideal for a petite body type.
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Best Wedding Dress Style For Straight Body Types

The A-line wedding dress style is perfect for all body types, including the straight body type. Look for a dress that will add curves to your body where there aren’t any. A sheath dress and a padded bodice will do the trick in this case. You can also choose a ball gown that has a tight grip on the waist. A sheath dress will also be good enough.

Tip: Pick a dress that will emphasize on your slender figure but still manage to camouflage the lack of hips. The slender waistline of the dress will also bring out a fantastic silhouette.

Double Shoulder Floor Length Bridal Gown Wedding Dress

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Best Wedding Dress Style For Busty Body Types

If you have a busty figure, pay more attention to the neckline of your gown because it can make or break your final outlook. That said, go for a dress with a scooped neckline. When this is combined with a strapless outfit, it will bring attention to your face and showcase your décolletage. Select a neckline with a slight dip rather than a straight neckline.

Tip: A straight neckline will exaggerate your large bust by adding too much volume. On the other hand, keep off a V neckline because it will show too much cleavage. For the bodice, you can use fabric that has a sheen such as silk or satin

Elegant Off-Shoulder Crystal Lace Wedding Dress

A wedding gown with a scooped neckline, ideal for busty girls. Get This Dress Here

Best Wedding Dress Styles For Plus-Size Body Types

For the plus-size brides, the A-line dress still works. However, in this case, choose an Empire dress that has a skirt which begins immediately under the bust and gradually flows out into an A-line floor-length dress.

Tip: Avoid any pleating on the dress. Get a fitting dress because if the dress is too loose, it will add pounds to your frame. If you still fancy the flare dresses, choose one that is stiffer at the base. Use fabric like satin that adds structure to your look rather than fabric with flare. Let the dress play up and complement your shape.

Simple Long A-Line Cap Sleeve Train Lace Wedding Dress

An empire style with a-line wedding gown, excellent for plus size women. Get This Dress Here

Every bride has a vague idea of her dream gown or how she would like to look on her wedding day. Your wedding day is your special day. Don’t let anyone else reign on your parade, choose the dress that will portray you as the lady of the day. A dress that will grab everyone’s attention from the moment you walk down the aisle to the moment you leave the afterparty.

Do not shy away from playing around with colors. You are allowed to break out from the traditional all-white wedding gowns. The aisle is becoming more colorful with the changing trends in fashion and styles.

Don’t let anyone else steal the spotlight from you on your special day. Find the perfect style for your wedding gown that suits your body type and says “I do” in style. Most stores give an hour per day for gown fittings. Try to narrow down your list and do research before the actual fitting day so as to save time. After all is said and done, pick the dress that you are most comfortable with, and when in doubt, go for an A-line because it matches all body types. For more wedding gown ideas, check out these beautiful wedding dresses that you can order online now.