5 Fall Trends I’m Adding to My Wardrobe

Welcome to a new week! Every Monday this month, I’ve shared fashion trends for the fall season. On this last Monday in August, I’ll finish with 5 Fall Trends I’m Adding to My Wardrobe.

These trends are wearable pieces and are perfect for early fall.

Here are the 5 Fall Trends I’m Adding to My Wardrobe

1. Vest

Whether it’s a sweater vest or a button front vest, you’ll see them everywhere this fall. Wear the vest alone if the weather is warm, or add a shirt under it if the weather is chilly.

2. Cropped Cardigan

Cardigans are always great for cooler weather, but crop cardigans are the way to go for a trendier look.

3. Teardrop Earrings

Chunky teardrop earrings are trending for fall. They’re inspired by the Bottega Venta earrings, but you can get the look for much less.

4. Sweater Dress

Whether fitted or loose, sweater dresses are a great and trendy option this fall.

5. Sneakers

I love shoes, and this is not a new trend, but sneakers are still trending. You can wear them with casual looks and dresses.

Will you add any of these fall fashion trends to your wardrobe?

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