4X, 5X, 6X: Where to Find Plus-Size Work Clothes Above Size 3X

collage of women wearing two work jackets, both available above size 3X

collage of women wearing plus-size work clothes in size 5X and beyond

We’ve maintained a list on extended sizes in plus-size workwear for a while now as part of our roundup of 100+ great shops for plus-size work clothes, but I don’t think we’ve ever done a special post just highlighting where to find work clothes if you’re over size 24 / 3X. After all, It’s pretty easy to find workwear if you’re around size 3X or size 24 (whether it’s stylish or well made is another question, alas) — but if you’re beyond those sizes it’s really difficult to find workwear.

Here are the places we know about — readers, where do you find plus-size work clothes above size 3X?

Pictured at top: suit / jacket / tee / blouse / blazer

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Where to Find Plus-Size Work Clothes Above Size 3X

(Your best bets for conservative workwear are in bold; everything else is a bit more casual…)

Some Work Outfit Basics Above Size 3X

Suits Above Size 24

black pants suit for women available up to size 32, from Eloquii

If you’re looking for a traditional, conservative, basic pants suit, there are very few options — if you know of more, please chime in.

One of the best places to check is Eloquii, which offers basic suiting up to size 32 (despite their tag line, which promises sizes 12-28). Universal Standard goes up to size 40, with a few classic blazers with matching pants — but their inventory for the larger sizes can be spotty. Ulla Popkin (up to size 32) and Torrid (up to size 30) both also have some matching suiting pieces, with some fun options as well as basics.

Ellos is a very affordable option (part of a big group of sites for affordable plus sizes, including OneStopPlus and Jessica London) — and their basic suit comes up to sizes 36; their ponte blazer separate comes up to size 38. This search takes you to all suits across all sister sites, I think. Amazon also carries some options, such as this Jessica London single-breasted pantsuit available up to size 36W.

Smart Glamour has one option but it’s available up to size 15X — and you can customize measurements if you prefer.

Speaking of bespoke suits (made to measure for your body) — the best made-to-measure clothing for women’s workwear we know of in 2023 include Sumissura for suits. Brooks Brothers and Sharpe Suiting don’t specialize in plus sizes, but they do made to measure clothing — you may want to check them out.

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The Best Blazers in Sizes 4X, 5X, 6X, and 7X

army green women's blazer available up to size 5X

There are more options in blazers in sizes 4X and beyond… in addition to the options for pants suits (above), Bloomchic has a few options for blazers (but not matching pants), as does NYDJ (up to 5X). Loud Bodies and Smart Glamour also have some “fun” blazers.

Baacal is a pricier store with limited blazers available up to size 28.

VigilanteLabs is an Etsy seller who will do custom, made-to-measure blazers for you (but they’re pricy).

Fast fashion retailer SHEIN also has limited options up to size 32, including some fun blazers and work dresses.

Dresses and Jumpsuits for Work in Extended Plus Sizes

plus size work dress from eShakti, available up to size 6X or custom sizes

In addition to the options above (especially Eloquii)– one of the best options for traditionally conservative dresses for work is eShakti — the “off the rack” clothes come up to size 6X, but you can customize the options beyond that.

There are some Etsy sellers that do custom sizing — particularly take a look at sellers Heart My Closet and CelesteLilou. (Etsy seller Korkorshi also does made to measure clothes but she specializes in linen dresses; seller tasifashion has much more casual custom-made jersey knit clothing.)

Hunting for the best made-to-measure clothing for women’s workwear? As of 2023, the best options we know of are Brooks Brothers, Sumissura, Etsy sellers Heart My Closet, VigilanteLabs, and CelesteLilou, as well as smaller brands like Loud Bodies, Sharpe Suiting, IGIGI, eShakti, and Rita Phil (pencil skirts only). Some of our favorite stores that offer free alterations for members include Nordstrom, J.Crew, Banana Republic, and Uniqlo (select styles). If you’re crafty, you may also want to check out our roundup of sewing patterns for workwear outfits.

On the more feminine/party side of things is Kiyonna, with dresses up to size 5X (the Whimsy dress in particular could be great for a conservative office, when worn with a demi-camisole or slip.) IGIGI is also in this category, and a particularly good one to note because they offer up to size 32, but they will customize dresses to your measurements.

On the more casual side, Smart Glamour has a lot of colorful dresses and jumpsuits, all up to size 15X, and some of the options at Tuesday of California might work for a business casual office. SWAK has a bunch of solid-colored A-line dresses and shirt dresses.

The Best Pants for Work Outfits Over Size 3X

plus-size work pants from NYDJ available up to size 5X

In addition to everything mentioned above, NYDJ has some options up to size 5X. (NYDJ pants are generally stretchy and machine washable, and some of the readers’ favorites.)

Similarly on the pricy side, Universal Standard and Ulla Popken have good options for work. Eloquii is more affordable, but especially noteworthy because they have pants designed to fit body shapes.

Torrid, Bloomchic, June & Vie, and Jessica London all have affordable basics for work pants with decent inventory over size 4X.

Loud Bodies has some colorful pant options, as does Smart Glamour.

(All of these pants brands also tend to have good options for skirts — also take a look at Rita & Phil, which does custom skirts.)

More Workwear Basics for Sizes 3X and Beyond

It’s significantly easier to find appropriate tops for work compared to all of the other categories — basically everything in our list at the top of this post will have options for sweaters and cardigans, t-shirts, and blouses.

If you want something custom, consider eShakti or Etsy seller tasifashion — both allow you the option to customize measurements, and on eShakti they suggest alternative necklines, sleeve lengths, as well as where the top hits (waist, hip, tunic-length). (This is the eShakti blouse pictured at top in green; it’s available up to size 6X, or in custom sizes.)

OK – that is every place that we would suggest for reliable work clothes above a size 3X. Readers, if you’re a size 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X, or beyond, where are you shopping for work? Do you have any custom tailors you would recommend (please state your area in the comments!).

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