What’s the difference between Capri vs. Cropped?

What’s the difference between Capri vs. Cropped?

It’s time to pull out the cute dresses, skirts, and shorts for the spring and summer. I was recently asked to talk about capri vs. cropped pants. What’s the difference, and how do we wear them?

Capri jeans/pants were created as an alternative to shorts, but they typically don’t flatter most women. If you want a pant or jean that is more flattering, cropped is a better alternative.

What’s the difference between Capri vs. Cropped?

The capri hits the leg, right through the top to the middle of the calf, making legs look stumpy and cutting the line of the body at an awkward point.

Even if you have skinny legs, the capri style is still not the most flattering pant. Capris chop off your leg, which can make you look frumpy.

Here are some examples of carpi pants and jeans:

As you see, capris hit at the widest part of the leg, so it accentuates that area.


They embellished these capris with embroidery and thick cuffs, which doesn’t help the look.

Here are some examples of cropped jeans and pants:

Cropped jeans/pants hit just before the ankle and accentuate the slimmest part of the leg.

This LOFT pant is much more flattering with the cropped length than the above capri pant.

The lighter wash jeans are perfect for spring and summer.


What shoes work best with cropped jeans?

I have said it before, but nude/skin color shoes will always look best because they create a longer, leaner look. A slight heel also elongates our legs, but flats are a nice option. This year colorful sandals and flats are trending.

Here are some crop jeans and pants I recently styled:

Top (not available) • Good American Jean (HERE and HERE, I’m wearing a size 6) • Nude HeelRing

Top (not available) • White Jeans (I’m wearing a size 4) • EarringsRingBraided Heel 

Flutter Sleeve Top (I’m wearing a small, Use code CYNDI15 for 15% off first-time orders) • Straight Leg Chino Pant (I’m wearing a size 4) • Nude Heel • Earrings

As always, these are suggestions, and you should wear what you feel the best wearing!

What do you think about capri vs. cropped?

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