What to Buy at Amazon for Work Outfits

graphic reads "What to Buy for Work at Amazon"; there is a blue background with icons of various workwear clothing items

graphic reads "What to Buy for Work at Amazon"; there is a blue background with icons of various workwear clothing items

Readers have a love/hate relationship with Amazon — but some of the same dresses and blouses almost always show up in our monthly review of what readers bought the most. If you’re so inclined, these are some of your best bets on what to buy for work from Amazon.

One of the things I personally like best about shopping at Amazon: the buyer-submitted photos, which are almost always my first stop when I look at a particular item — you can either scroll to the bottom (top of the reviews) to see the photos, or you can just click the hyperlink at the very top where it tells you how many star ratings the item has and if there are any answered questions.

This is part of a series here at Corporette on how to build a work wardrobe — we’ve covered what to buy for work at J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Talbots, Boden, Brooks Brothers, and Lands’ End so far. In these posts, we try to focus on the reader favorites and best-selling classics — your absolute best bets to build a timeless, sophisticated work wardrobe.

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What to Buy at Amazon for Work

Amazon House Brands – Amazon Essentials, Daily Ritual, Lark & Ro

We’ll go through the Amazon house brands first — note that these are almost always on sale during the big sale days, whether it’s Amazon Prime Day in July or Cyber Monday in December.

I think a lot of readers have had mixed experiences with the Amazon-made brand that’s supposed to be for workwear, Lark & Ro — but this top was a big hit last summer. (This dress also looks like a great option if you prefer an empire waist.) Interestingly a lot of the pieces are down to lucky sizes only – I wonder if the brand is being phased out by Amazon.

great work dresses to buy from Amazon brand Daily Ritual include a gray knit dress with puff sleeves, a dark green dress with draping at the waist, and a pink ballet neck T-shirt dress for more business casual offices

Daily Ritual dresses: Gray / green / rose

Another Amazon-made brand is Daily Ritual, and it’s is a great source for basics, particularly in materials like cotton, terry, and even sweater knits. Here’s a link to their top-rated items, and a few of their basics that look great like the dresses above – nothing is groundbreaking but they’re decent basics, especially for a business casual office.

great work basics to buy at amazon include a sleeveless blouse, a 4-pack of camisoles, and a plain white button-front

Amazon Essentials tops: blue sleeveless woven / 4-pack of camisoles / button-down shirt

Amazon Essentials is noteworthy because it’s available up to size 6X – it’s mostly just basics like tees and cardigans. These camisoles are always in our most-bought items; I’ve liked this two-pack of scoop neck t-shirts for myself. Other mainstays in our monthly review of readers’ most-bought items: this classic fit long-sleeve button down oxford shirt, this 4-pack of camisoles, and this sleeveless woven blouse.


women wearing amazon work dresses: dark orange, light blue, and navy

orange / light blue / navy

Seller Aisize notes that they are “Vintage Redefined.” They’re available in sizes S-XL, with most options under $40. The middle dress (the light blue one) has been a huge reader favorite.

Grace Karin

three work outfits you can buy at Amazon: a black dress, a cobalt dress with a shaped neckline, and a tie-neck twofer dress

Grace Karin dresses: black / blue / tie neck

Grace Karin dresses are sometimes a bit on the cocktail side of things, but there are some solid work options in there as well. Sizes S-XXL, generally under $50. This simple sleeved sheath dress with sleeves isn’t pictured, but also looks nice.


great work outfits to buy at Amazon include a burgundy flared dress, a navy suit, and a black sheath dress with sleeves

Marycrafts workwear: burgundy dress / navy suit / black dress

Marycrafts suits and dresses have been reader favorites for a looong time — they’re affordable, their pieces are interesting but not overly vintage, and they come in sizes 0-22. Even the full suit above (a continual reader favorite) is under $75!

Note that the Marycrafts Amazon listings are a bit weird in that they often have multiple different styles on one product page — not just usual variations like sleeveless and sleeved, but entirely different looks; it can be a bit confusing. Unfortunately some of my personal favorite pieces seem to be selling out right now; I hope they bring them back.


great tops for work you can buy at Amazon include a dusty rose notch neck with lace details, a white blouse with cap sleeves and pleating at the neckline, and a simple sleeveless V-neck

Milumia blouses: dusty pink / white blouse / red sleeveless

Readers really love the blouses from Milumia – all three of the above have made repeat appearances in our list of most-bought items. (The three also come in about 25 colors each, also!) The above blouses are all available in XS-XL; the pink one is available up to size 3X, and the white one available up to size 4X.


women wearing amazon work dresses: light blue, purple, and black

Miusol business dresses: blue / purple / black

Amazon seller Miusol has a lot of wedding, bridesmaid, and cocktail party dresses — but they also have a bunch of simple vintage-inspired sheath dresses like those above. The blue and purple dresses above have made repeat appearances on our most-bought lists; they all come in a ton of different colors and prints in sizes S-XL.


women wearing amazon work dresses: dark green, navy, and red

MUXXN work dresses: green / navy / red

The brand MUXXN has lots of 1950s-inspired dresses in a variety of solid colors, sizes S-XXL, all generally under $40. The navy dress has been on my radar for a few years now, when I noticed people raving about it as an affordable work dress in a Facebook group of women lawyers who are mothers (the group has sadly since been shuttered).


clothes you can buy at amazon for work: a red dress, black bootcut pants, and a pull-on skirt

Rekucci workwear: Fit & Flare Dress / Bootcut Pants / Skirt

I’ve mostly seen readers buy the Rekucci pants — it’s nice to see that they come in short and tall sizes up to 24 (!!!) which means Rekucci is one of the very few places you can get plus-size petites. Note that they have “ease into comfort” pull on pants as well as “secret figure” pull on pants — I think the difference is the secret figure pants are a heavier knit. (Most reviewers seem to note that they prefer their darker colors to the lighter ones, but your mileage may vary!) Their skirts also look like great basics.


three great work pants from Amazon seller Tapata including maternity pants for work

Tapata work pants: black straight / navy bootcut / maternity bootcut

Tapata work pants are another reader favorite and good source for basics. Most of the pants come in different lengths like 28″, 30″, 32″, and 34″, meaning this is a rare tall pant that can fit a 6′ tall woman; the pants are all less than $80 (some more like half that). They also have a lot of great maternity basics in sizes S-XXL, including in lengths like 28″, 30″, and 32″ — petite maternity pants are kind of rare!


3 work dresses you can buy at Amazon: a black sheath with a notch neck, a green dress with a front zipper, and a black sheath dress with an asymmetrical bow detail

VFShow dresses: black with pleated bow / green with zipper / black with asymmetric bow neck

VFShow makes a ton of vintage-inspired business dresses like the ones above – scrolling through people’s comments (especially the buyer-submitted pictures!), these dresses look great on all sizes of women’s bodies.

Most of their dresses are under $50, and available in sizes XS-3X. (This A-line dress looks cute if you prefer a flared skirt.)

Honorable Mentions

some nice work dresses to buy at Amazon include this navy flared dress with elbow sleeves, a gray wrap dress, and a navy print flared dress with flutter shoulder details on a crewneck

Honorable mentions: blue / gray / blue print

I haven’t seen these sellers’ names come up in reader purchases, but some of the dresses look promising from the buyer photos. (They also have a bit of a different look than some of the ones pictured above!)

Not pictured, but also promising: this flared wrap dress, as well as this chic cowl neck dress.

Weekend Wear to Buy at Amazon

This isn’t a complete list, of course, but some of the sellers I would look at first include:

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