What Does an Aquarius Look Like? The Physical Appearance of This Air Sign, Explained By an Astrologer

What Does an Aquarius Look Like? The Physical Appearance of This Air Sign, Explained By an Astrologer

Have you ever seen someone and thought to yourself “Wow, that person looks like an Aquarius”? Has it ever crossed your mind why someone may “look”, dress, decorate their home or act like their zodiac sign? I’m here to bring some insight by explaining what an Aquarius looks like!

Astrology is typically a great tool to understand the way that people will look, act, dress and decorate their living spaces depending on their sign. When someone has dominant Aquarius placements (especially personal placements such as their sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Mars or Venus) they tend to embody their modern planetary ruler—Uranus—which is known in astrology as the “awakener” planet. With Aquarius being a rebellious, quirky and innovative sign, the way that they look & show up in the world is just as different. They break the rules and push the boundaries of societal norms, allowing beauty standards and trends to shift and change over time with their input. 

Aquarius, a fixed air sign, is also associated with the 11th house of companions, friendships, groups, idealism and hopes. Although many consider Aquarians to be emotionally detached, they are deeply concerned about the collective and how society lifts us and shifts us. Aquarius is moved by understanding how they are perceived in group dynamics and as the sister sign of Leo, they are equally hungry for attention and recognition. The difference between the two is that Aquarians prefer to be known for their ideas, influence, network and professional associations. Just like Aquarius Shakira, who released “BZRP Music Sessions #53”, which became the most watched Latin song on Youtube in just 24 hours… she breaks records and crushes the stigma of publicizing her break-up, like a true Aquarian does! If you’re curious about what someone with Aquarius placements looks, dresses and acts like. 


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The Physical Appearances of Aquarius

Being ruled by Uranus, Aquarius people are mold-breakers. Their physical appearance is as unique as their style, taste in music and everything in between. They enjoy being contrarians and most oftentimes have a slightly androgynous look to them, regardless of their gender. Because Uranus also dictates aerodynamics and space travel, they can sometimes be described as extraterrestrial in their appearance as well with uniquely spaced eyes with an either noticeably upward or downward tilt, with accompanied smaller facial features (nose, ears, mouth and teeth). This otherworld or “alien” appearance can be seen in Aquarius rising people like Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Tori Spelling and Christina Aguilera.

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They are also typically tall and lean in their build and if their bodies are not naturally built like this, you can see the “long and lean” in their face shape. Think about Kerry Washington, famous Aquarius sun, and Barack Obama who is an Aquarius rising. These two stars are just a few who truly embody the long, lean Aquarian characteristics in both their face and body. 

Barack Obama

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These water bearer folks are focused on improving the world in their time here, think about Oprah Winfrey and Ashton Kutcher just to name a few Aquarians who used their platform for the betterment of humanity. But all Aquarians have captivating smiles, and if they lean into smiling with their teeth, it is an unmistakable sight. Their pearly whites are just another way of them spreading positivity and trying to heal the world, one bypasser at a time. One of the most notable Aquarius smiles is that of the late Bob Marley, which even after his passing, continues to bring joy to the world in the shape of posters, bumper stickers, and social media posts alike.

Bob Marley

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Our modern day beam of light in Aquarius form is Harry Styles, who can crack a smile, wink, or laugh and cause millions to swoon simultaneously. However, we have to remember that others tend to categorize Aquarius’ as aloof and emotionless, so that can show up as RBF when they are not actively performing or interacting with others. 

Harry Styles

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With Aquarius energy being the sister sign to Leo, the head of hair on an Aquarius tends to be of note as well. Whether it’s in the form of dreads, a mohawk, a cleanly shaven head, a sleek ponytail or a color that stands out in a crowd, like we’ve often seen in famed Aquarius Paris Hilton. They are not ones to be swept away in a sea of people, rather they like to be noticed from head to toe. They may be the only one at a gathering with a hat on, their hood up, a funky pair of glasses, a new tattoo on display or a facial piercing. They are not afraid to step outside of the box of normalcy and allow themselves to be authentically expressed by their physical appearance and adornments.

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The most vulnerable area of the body for Aquarians is their shins, calves and ankles. In traditional astrology this grouping of body parts is ruled by Aquarius, so these folks need to be aware of their lower body and structural health. They will do well to prioritize their physical health with mobility-focused workouts like yoga, stretching, pilates and low-impact workouts in this lifetime.

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The Fashion Sense of Aquarius

Because Aquarius energy requires these folks to embrace their rebelliousness, this trait can be seen in their wardrobe. Their sense of style is usually cutting-edge, futuristic, time-bending and strays away from trends. They can typically be found wearing a mix of streetwear, boutique pieces, vintage or thrifted pieces and something that has not yet caught wind on a mass scale. They can battle with over-explaining their attire to those who follow trends blindly as their attire is boundary-pushing. 

Some descriptive style types for Aquarius placements would be “hippie chic”, “trendy”, “fashionable geek”, “progressive”, “otherworldly” and “weirdly wonderful”. Think of Aquarian Meg Thee Stallion’s Tina Snow album cover where she dons an icy blonde wig, skin-tight metallic two piece with bright pearlescent nails and silver jewelry resting on her chest. There is something subtly extraterrestrial about the way Aquarius people walk planet Earth. 

Some Aquarius approved staples would be:

  • Vintage or thrifted pieces 
  • Platform boots
  • Quirky shades (glasses and sunglasses) with funky lenses and/or frame colors
  • Metallic, shiny or sequined pieces
  • Androgynous clothing (think skirts for men, chaps for women, etc.)
  • Statement pieces
  • Mismatched patterns and colors
  • Knitwear (think bohemian style bralettes or headwraps)
  • Anything that falls under the umbrella of “Space Cowboy/girl”
  • Sheer clothing
  • Staple pieces with flare (think criss-crossed waistband jeans or a blazer with bold buttons)

Whatever you find an Aquarius in, be ready to be “wow’d” and maybe even slightly confused. Their purpose on this planet is to shake up societal norms and allow for new trends to begin. Whether it’s through their looks, their clothes or the way that they decorate their home, be sure to note that Aquarians are usually about a decade ahead of the crowd with their style and interests! 

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