The Most Amazing Diamond Wedding Engagement Rings
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The Most Amazing Diamond Engagement Rings

You probably can’t afford these amazing diamond engagement rings, but it’s never hurt someone to dream a little. In fact, dreaming it’s the first step to accomplishing your goal! I like to quote Gloria Steinem about the possibilities of your imagination: “Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” So now enter in your childhood world of princess, unicorns, and prince charming and let’s dream about these gorgeous diamond wedding rings!


Easter Egg Paraiba Tourmaline Wedding Ring

If you like the Paraiba Tourmaline you’ll be served with this unique wedding ring! Erica Courtney creates an extraordinary 18kt Yellow Gold “Easter Egg” ring, highlighting a huge Paraíba Tourmaline. Get a great accent with an incredible Diamond and a Brazilian Tourmaline.

Easter Egg Pariaba Tourmaline Wedding Ring

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Pink Diamond Cushion Cut Wedding Ring

You’ll look very feminine wearing this gorgeous halo ring by Harry Kotlar, highlighting a pretty pink diamond center stone. Everywhere you’ll go, all the eyes will turn on you with this delicate pave diamonds that glisten down the shank.

Amazing Pink Diamond Cushion Cut Wedding Ring!

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More amazing diamond engagement rings are to come… Meanwhile, if you want more ideas of gorgeous wedding rings, you should have a look at Jewel Street, they provide a massive choice of unique rings thru over 500 independent jewelry designers.