The Best Suits for Women in 2021

collage of 12 suits picked as best-of from year - see images below for more details

2021 was kind of a weird year for suits for women — you could either find very basic suits, or very FUN suits, shall we say. Slowly, suits with cropped pants are going away; it feels like we saw far more suits with bootcuts or trousers than in previous years. In any event, these are some of my favorites from our regular feature “Suit of the Week,” which, as we note each week, seeks to find “the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.”

If you’re on the hunt for basic suiting, note that we’ve recently updated our roundup of interview suits for women in each price range, as well as The Corporette Guide to Basic Women’s Suiting.

Before I get to my favorite fun suits of the year, I wanted to point to some of our more recent, specific suit-filled roundups in case anyone is on the hunt…

We updated our selections for our favorite brands for affordable women’s suits:

collage of 5 classic-but-affordable suits for women: 1) black pantsuit from JCF, 2) black pantsuit from BRF, 3) navy skirt suit from Anne Klein, 4) navy skirt suit from Ann Taylor, 5) black skirt suit from Express

Pictured above, some of our favorite brands for affordable women’s suits: one / two / three / four / five

And we also rounded up some of our favorite travel-friendly suits for women

collage of 4 travel-friendly suits for women: 1) gray pantsuit, 2) navy pantsuit, 3) gray pantsuit, 4) navy pantsuit

Some of our favorite travel-friendly suits for women include these brands: 1) M.M.LaFleur, 2) Ministry of Supply, 3) Brooks Brothers, and 4) Talbots — you may also want to check out our roundup of washable suits for women!

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We also updated our post on the suits with dresses instead of skirts

And on to the fun suits!

Our Favorite Suits for Women of 2021

Please note that anything marked with an asterisk* is still available!

collage of Jan suit (red pink sunset ombre), Feb. suit (black tweed) and March suit (hot pink paisley with green accents)

Jan. / Feb.* / Mar.

collage of April suit (Express light gray), May (Ann Taylor dusky blue with crosshatch details) and June (red and pink suit with large swirls)

Apr. / May / June

collage of July (washable wool suit from BR), August (herringbone Missook skirt suit), September (light blue Altuzarra suit)

July* / Aug. / Sept.

collage of October (kelly green Lafayette 148 suit), November (bright red Hobbs skirt suit), and December (dusty blue Altuzarra suit with wiiiiide trousers)

Oct.* / Nov.* / Dec.*

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