Shoppers Are Wearing This $28 Wrap Dress Everywhere—From Brunch to Weddings

Shoppers Are Wearing This $28 Wrap Dress Everywhere—From Brunch to Weddings

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Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to take stock of your closet (especially since most of us have been living in sweats for the past couple of years) and make sure you have enough romantic, flirty and comfy dresses on deck. Réalisation Par’s Instagram-famous summer dresses definitely fit the bill (especially the brand’s signature Alexandra and Valentina styles)—with the exception of the price tag. I don’t know about you, but I’ve coveted the Valentina dress for years, so finding a Réalisation Par dress dupe made my day.

Relipop has a strong contender, though it isn’t made out of silk like the original. Fortunately, you can still capture the look without breaking the bank—this cute dress dupe features the same ruffle details and polka dot print as the original, and it’s only $28. Of course, I love paying for high-quality dresses that’ll last for years to come, but it’s hard to justify spending $180 on Réalisation Par’s Valentina when I know I’m going to be sweating in it all summer.

Just like Réalisation Par’s Valentina dress, this dupe also serves those Bridgerton vibes, but it doesn’t feel stuck in the past like some of the corset tops and nap dresses do. Don’t get me wrong, I love nap dresses, but sometimes they’re so billowy that I feel like a Victorian ghost when I wear them out of the house.

“THIS! This is the dress for YOU,” raved one five-star reviewer. “Literally any ‘body’ would be beautiful in this. It is sooo flattering.”

Plus, if you love the style and silhouette of the Valentina, but aren’t keen on the polka dot print, this dress is also available in 31 different color and pattern options, ranging from florals to animal prints, so you’re bound to find something that fits your hot girl summer aesthetic. Honestly, I might get multiple.

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STYLECASTER | Realisation Par Dress Dupe

Courtesy of Relipop.

Buy: Relipop Summer Short Sleeve Print Dress $27.99

For tall folks, just keep in mind that this dress is short. If you’re cool with rocking a tiny dress during hot girl summer, go ahead and buy away. We see you wearing this bright yellow floral print option to all of your brunch dates and summer festivities.

“I feel fun and flirty and beautiful when I put this dress on!” wrote one reviewer. “It’s a lightweight material and perfect for a summer date night or nice brunch.”

StyleCaster | Réalisation Par Dress Dupe on Amazon

Courtesy of Relipop.

Buy: Relipop Summer Short Sleeve Print Dress $27.99

Some reviewers recommend that you safety pin the wrap dress together to close it, because the tie can loosen. I mean, no one wants a major wardrobe malfunction during happy hour.

Polka dots are a classic, so why not wear them on a summer dress like this one? “I LOVE this dress,” wrote another shopper. “I feel so pretty in it and it’s the perfect dress to dress up in with some heels or dress down with my white converse and a jean jacket.”

Relipop Summer Short Sleeve Wrap Dress Amazon

Courtesy of Relipop.

Warm tones often dominate summertime, but if you’re more of a cool tone gal, opt for this blue and white floral print dress. It makes the perfect nighttime summer OOTD, whether you’re headed to a bar with friends or going on a date with your S.O.

“Wore this to an outdoor wedding and it was so cute and I got so many compliments. Super flattering too,” said another reviewer.

Regardless of which color or print you go with, we think this stunning and super versatile wrap dress is about to be your go-to flowy number this summer.

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