Our Top Posts of 2021!

Which were your favorite posts of the year, readers? Here are some of my favorite posts and discussion posts, as well as our top posts of the year by traffic statistics!

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Our Top Posts of 2021 (By Traffic)

(according to Google Analytics 12-22-21)

  1. The Best Work Dresses
  2. The Best Dress Pants for Women
  3. What Not to Wear to Work
  4. 10 Great Mocktail Recipes for Dry January
  5. How to Make an Outfit Look More Put Together
  6. The Best Bodysuits for Work Outfits
  7. Wearing Kids’ Clothes When You’re Petite
  8. 10 New Places to Shop for Stylish Workwear Clothes
  9. What’s Your Morning Routine?
  10. Power Dresses for Work

Kat Other Favorite Articles of the Year

Hunts and Other Roundups I Loved

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Great Discussions with the Readers

(These are posts that mainly pose a question to readers — we’re going to try to do a separate post for threadjacks of the year — let us know if you have any favorites!)

Top Morning Workwear Reports by Traffic

By reader request we’re going to include the 10 morning workwear reports of 2021 with the most page views, as well! Stay tuned for later in the week when we round up some of our favorite actual items from the morning workwear reports and more!

(When I pull the analytics reports for the past year starting Jan. 1, I see a lot of older posts in the traffic reports also — the above list only represents the new substantive posts we published this past year. Workwear reports are in the list also but we don’t include them with the substantive posts; readers last year asked for the list. These probably represent the posts that got a lot of comments or heated debate; they may also include threadjacks that were featured on the sidebar. Our list of “top posts of all time” includes just the top 10 posts from reports representing 2008-2021.)

  1. Wool Gabardine Wide Leg Cuff Pants (July 26)
  2. Faux Wrap Knit Dress (Feb. 24)
  3. Cross-Front Flutter-Sleeve Dress (April 15)
  4. Midi Mckenna Dress (Sept. 20)
  5. The Tory Dress (Mar. 31)
  6. Ruffle Sleeveless Eyelet Blouse (May 7)
  7. Islington Blouse (Mar. 21)
  8. Trimmed Cady Blazer (Sept. 27)
  9. Kesteven Cashmere Sweater (Jan. 12)
  10. Simone Silk Blouse (Feb. 8)

Which were your favorite posts of 2021, readers?

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