How to Shop More Sustainably at Your Favorite Stores — Like Everlane & Urban Outfitters

How to Shop More Sustainably at Your Favorite Stores — Like Everlane & Urban Outfitters

With more brands than ever before attempting to be kinder to our Earth, the number of sustainable brands to shop can seem kind of overwhelming. And I mean that in the best way possible; the more eco-friendly options, the merrier! We rounded up some of the best sustainable clothing brands to shop for whenever you’re feeling like buying a new goodie without hurting the planet too much. As fashion-lovers, it can sometimes be difficult to satiate our constant need to add pieces to our wardrobes in a way that also aligns with helping the Earth. However, as time goes on, more and more brands are making it easier to actually feel good about shopping.

Whether you need a new swimsuit to wear every single day this summer, a top that’s perfect for your Zoom calls or a dress you’ll want to rock at every party and happy hour, there’s a sustainable brand waiting to give you exactly what your wardrobe is missing. Seriously, it’s become so easy to shop sustainably, there’s really no excuse not to. While some items can be on the pricier side, there are plenty of affordable collections—and often, they’re very transparent with their pricing.

If you’re itching to add some clothing to your closet, take a look at these sustainable brands before going anywhere else. Odds are you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for—and at the same time, support eco-friendly and ethical companies. The more we shop brands that are doing good things for our Earth, the more we can make a lasting change in the fashion industry.

Do yourself (and Earth) a favor, and dive into these incredible eco-friendly brands. You’ll find some of our favorites to shop below.

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Urban Outfitters

KOTO 01.004 Shrunken Tee

Courtesy of KOTO.

KOTO Shrunken Tee

Shop Urban’s collection of tees, tanks and tops made from recycled or reasonably sourced materials for your basics. The hub is filled with neutral items that make for perfect layering options.

Big Star Denim

B-TYPE 03 Jeans

Courtesy of Big Star Denim.


It’s no secret that making denim is usually an extremely wasteful process. But Big Star Denim has a line of styles that are created with a much more sustainable approach. Each of these pants is made from Ozone washing, a low-impact process that uses ozone gas to lighten denim, instead of relying on pre-treatment soaking or bleach baths like they typically are. This cuts down on chemical waste and reduces the brand’s overall carbon footprint. Plus, the jeans are incredibly cute and versatile. A win-win-win-win. Am I forgetting a win? You get the point.

Banana Republic’s The Better Shop

Sculpted-Fit Italian Herringbone Blazer

Courtesy of Banana Republic.

Sculpted-Fit Italian Herringbone Blazer

By using innovative dye techniques and special wash methods, 50 percent sustainable fibers and recycled materials Banana Republic has been creating their most sustainable collection of clothing yet. Not only has The Better Shop saved over 1.2 million gallons of water so far, but the pieces are ridiculously cute. The collection features adorable denim styles, chic tops and dresses that are sure to be staples in your wardrobe.


STYLECASTER | Best Sustainable Clothing Brands | plunge bra



The Plunge Mesh Leopard

CUUP bras aren’t just a great place for your boobs to rest, but they’re also made with Oeko Tex 100 certified—a fabric that doesn’t contain any chemicals that might harm your body. Plus, CUUP is committed to sourcing from sustainable suppliers and donates their extra bras to the I Support The Girls charity.


Carine Straight Crop

Courtesy of Etica.

Carine Straight Crop

If you’re in need of some seriously cute and sustainable jeans, ÉTICA denim is the place for you to shop. The brand is based out of Los Angeles and certified for Global Impact, Clean Industry Practices and Social Responsibility. Even the tags on their clothing are made from recycled materials. It’s a cute AF brand you can feel good about shopping over and over.


The ’80s Blazer

Courtesy of Everlane.

The ’80s Blazer

Everlane’s entire mission is about keeping things radically transparent and ethical. Since they create high-quality pieces, use only the most ethical factories and keep things transparent in terms of pricing, Everlane is a great place to shop. They even launched a new line of cute tees that are made from 100% organic cotton.

Grey State’s Artisan Capsule

Ashulia Sweatshirt

Courtesy of Grey State.

Ashulia Sweatshirt

Filled with incredibly cool hand-embroidered sweatshirts, Grey State’s artisan capsule aims to empower women and girls in Bangladesh. Each sweatshirt is embroidered by local Bangladeshi artisans who make their living doing handcrafts. Plus, 20% of proceeds from the capsule collection benefit Malek Chowdhury Memorial Girls School.

H&M Conscious

STYLECASTER | Best Sustainable Clothing Brands | H&M Concious


Loose Straight High Jeans

If you’re guilty of shopping fashion but want something a little more sustainable and organic, try H&M’s Conscious collection. The prices are still ridiculously affordable, the clothes are just as cute and you’ll know you’re doing your part to make a difference. From jeans you’ll love from day one to trendy dresses perfect for a backyard picnic or late-night party, you’re sure to find the eco-friendly look of your dreams.


STYLECASTER | Best Sustainable Clothing Brands | polka dot dress Outerknown


Astrid Dress

From the start, Outerknown has made it their mission to be a sustainable brand—and they’ve definitely succeeded. 90% of the fibers used are organic, recycled or regenerated, 100% of their swim trunks are made with recycled or renewed fabrics and Outerknown makes sure to use fair labor. These are pieces you can truly feel great about adding to your wardrobe.

Out of the Woods

STYLECASTER | Best Sustainable Clothing Brands | brown shopper

Out of the Woods.

Iconic Shopper

In need of a ridiculously cute and sustainable bag? Out of the Woods can definitely deliver. Each bag is made from what the brand calls Supernatural Paper™—a type of reusable and soft paper that they source responsibly. It feels like leather but is 100 percent animal cruelty-free. (!!!)


The Point

Courtesy of Rothy’s.

Boasting washable, woven flats and sneakers made from eco-friendly materials, Rothy’s is your new favorite sustainable shoe brand. They are continuously striving for zero waste, using a combination 3D knitting technology (!!) and handcrafted assembly to keep things up to par. Plus, the brand has some seriously cute slip-ons, perfect for all your summer looks.

Vitamin A

Alia One Piece

Courtesy of Rothy’s.

Alia One Piece

After first being told by fabric suppliers that there wasn’t a market for swimwear made from recycled fibers, the founder of Vitamin A took it upon herself to make her own fabric—EcoLux—and thus, one of the first sustainable swimwear brands was born. Vitamin A also incorporates organic cotton, linen and recycled cotton into products like the cute suit above, making it the ultimate place to score your next sustainable bikini.

CASETiFY Conscious

STYLECASTER | sustainable brands Earth Day


Okay, so I know phone cases aren’t technically fashion, but I use mine like an accessory! For this reason, I’m beyond pumped about CASETiFY Conscious, the brand’s all-new, fully compostable cases. Treat yourself, your phone, and Mother Nature.

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