How Big Is Your Work Wardrobe?

blonde woman looks through her work wardrobe in her closet

blonde woman looks through her work wardrobe in her closet

How big is your work wardrobe — how many options do you have for each type of clothing? How many blouses, pants, skirts, blazers, dresses, and sweaters do you have? How old are the majority of your pieces? If your numbers have changed from previous years, why is that? (For example: did you do a big closet purge recently? Have you lost or gained weight?) If you’ve changed jobs, how has that affected the number of pieces in your work wardrobe? If your office has changed formality (e.g., a more formal workplace to a business casual office or largely remote one), what impact has that had on the size and age of your work wardrobe? Are you filling gaps these days with bought-new workwear, thrifted workwear from years past — or with more casual clothes like jeans, athleisure, and t-shirts?

Some templates for your answers:

Type / Number / General Age (maybe total number in your possession vs total number you wear?)

  • blouses:
  • pants:
  • skirts:
  • blazers:
  • dresses:
  • sweaters:
  • heels:
  • flats:
  • work bags:
  • belts:
  • outerwear (coats, jackets):
  • other work accessories (please describe briefly):

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