Dua Lipa in Nothing But Lingerie & Snow Boots is Honestly Such a Mood

Dua Lipa in Nothing But Lingerie & Snow Boots is Honestly Such a Mood

It’s about 40 degrees in New York City and I, for one, am freezing. But apparently, not everyone needs to bundle up when the temperatures drop! Most of us layer on the sweaters, jackets and cold-weather accessories as soon as December rolls around—but not Dua Lipa, who is literally too hot to get cold. If you need proof, let these photos of Dua Lipa in lingerie and snow boots do the trick!

Out of all the celebrities I stalk on Instagram, I think Dua has to be my favorite follow. She is constantly posting photo dumps and unedited images, and I feel like she does a good job of really ~letting her fans in~ and showing us her real life. Whether it’s a group shot with her besties, her latest mani or an outfit too good to ignore, her feed almost always has something new to look at, so I make a point to check it regularly.

In the summer, said ‘Gram is absolutely overwhelmed by swimsuit pics, whether she’s wearing a classic black string bikini or a cool crochet pick no one else could pull off. Lipa loves a good pool selfie—but in the winter, we definitely see fewer of these skimpy OOTDs.

This time around, I really can’t tell whether she’s in lingerie or a bikini. But either way, she looks bomb.

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Lipa’s set features a white bustier-style underwire top and skimpy bottoms with a ruched bum. The top really looks like a swimsuit to me—but those bottoms have to be underwear, right? In the name of compromise, I’ll refer to it as lingerie. Call it what you want, she’s pulling it off either way.

And ever one to go all out on accessories, she’s paired the little white lingerie moment with massive white and red fluffy Moon Boots by GCDS, which feature a sweet Hello Kitty patch on the front. Coincidentally, BLACKPINK’s Lisa wore the same pair in the “Money” music video back in September!

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Lipa is a fairly big GCDS fan (Remember the aforementioned crochet bikini? Same brand) and Moon Boots serve all the early aughts nostalgia she’s been channeling lately, so I can’t applaud her choice of footwear enough. So cute! Now, would I have paired this all with some sort of oversized faux fur coat for warmth? Yes, but like I said earlier—Dua Lipa is too hot to get cold! Period!

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