Cardi B Wore A Denim Bikini & I Have So Many Questions

Sundays are usually for laid-back looks, but not on Cardi B’s watch. Rather than lounge around in sweats, the singer decided to serve a full-on jean look a la Britney and JT—but a far more scandalous take, natch. ICYMI, Cardi B’s denim bikini basically broke the Internet on Sunday night, and in addition to body-ody-ody, she was serving some pretty big news.

In her most recent Instagram post, Cardi descends a staircase in a dark-wash denim bikini, complete with a matching garter belt and floor-length denim duster jacket. As for accessories, she wore a Dior oblique printed headscarf and the matching Net Tote handbag, along with a massive diamond Christian Dior chain around her neck. The footwear situation appeared to be stiletto Timberland boots, as only Cardi could pull off.

As she prepared to strut, Cardi looked into the camera and addressed her fans. “I have an announcement to make tomorrow. Byeee,” she says before doing her thing. I’m a big fan of Cardi’s music and general bad-bitch energy, but TBH, if the announcement isn’t a collection of denim bikinis, I may not be interested. This look really stole the show.

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For years, the Canadian Tuxedo (AKA a denim jacket paired with jeans of the same wash) has been hailed as the often-mocked, heavily-referenced ~formal~ denim option. Now, Cardi is here to make the denim bikini (Or the Canadian Bikini?) its sexy antithesis. No, you probably can’t swim in it—and there’s just no way it won’t give you a terrible wedgie—but in the name of fashion, the denim bikini is a brand-new must-have.

Oh, and let’s not forget that she actually wore a Canadian Tuxedo/bikini hybrid around this time last year. On January 16, 2020, Cardi posted in a Dolce & Gabbana patchwork denim jacket and jeans ensemble, complete with a denim bikini top peeking out from underneath. Obvi, our girl knows what she likes, and her denim preferences have stood the test of time.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

I guess WAP really stood for “what are pants,” because the singer is proving that they simply aren’t necessary when pulling off a lewk this good. I don’t know what Cardi’s news is, but we’ll find out soon enough, so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that it includes more unexpected fashion moments. Keep doing what you’re doing, Cardi!

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